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Los Angeles Dental Emergency

By Arthur Kezian

Dental emergencies cannot be predicted. You may injure your tooth during an accidental fall or even when biting a food that is too hard for your teeth. In such an unfortunate event when a tooth is knocked out or broken, you will need immediate medical attention. Dr Arthur A. Kezian DDS ’s dental care team is always ready to handle all types of dental emergency. Here at Dr. Kezian’s dental office in Los Angeles, we are equipped to provide fast relief to patients who visit us with varied dental emergencies.

Los Angeles Emergency DentistTypes of Dental Emergency
Toothache  – While over-the-counter pain relief medications provide temporary relief from toothaches, for permanent cure, the underlying cause of the pain needs to be treated. Therefore, instead of taking a painkiller every time you experience a toothache, immediately book an appointment with your Los Angeles dentist for an emergency treatment. In Dr. Kezian’s dental office your problem will be diagnosed and treated by one of the leading dentists in Los Angeles. It does not matter whether the pain is triggered by cavity, broken tooth, gum problem or decay of an old filling. You are assured of the best quality treatment.

Gum infection – If you experience bleeding and swelling of the gum, do not ignore the problem. These are signs of gum infections, which if left untreated will worsen your problems further and may even lead to loss of teeth. Therefore, seek an emergency appointment with Dr. Kezian to restore the health of your gum. In addition to treating the infection, a dental hygienist will carefully clean your teeth to minimize the risk of further infections.

Broken tooth – Accidents and injuries are not the only cause of breaking a tooth. Untreated cavities that weaken the tooth can also cause fractures and cracks in the tooth. It may also damage the internal tissues and expose the nerves, triggering pain. Fractured or broken tooth demands immediate medical attention. In Los Angeles, Dr Arthur A. Kezian DDS is one of the best dentists for treating dental emergencies related to broken or knocked out teeth. Dental Emergency Los Angeles

What You Should Do When a Tooth is Broken or Knocked Out?
As time is critical when you encounter a dental emergency, seek medical attention as early as possible. Every year a large number of people lose their teeth in accidents. However, if you take the right steps following an accident, it is possible for an experienced dentist to save and restore your natural tooth. Therefore, in such an event, instead of wasting your time in worrying about tooth loss, immediately visit your leading emergency dentist in Los Angeles.

What To Do When Your Tooth is Knocked Out?
In medical terminology complete displacement of tooth from the alveolar bone is known as dental avulsion. However, even an avulsed or knocked out tooth can be restored easily by a reputed dentist in Los Angeles, if you remain calm and follow the following steps:

  • First find the tooth. Avoid touching the root and handle it by the crown or the smooth white part of the tooth.
  • Make sure that the tooth is clean. The patient may gently suck it or rinse with milk or water.
  • Try to replant the tooth in the socket in the right way
  • If you are unable to replant the tooth, soak it in a cup of milk and seal it with plastic wrap. Alternatively, it can be soaked in saliva.
  • Rush to your Los Angeles dentist for an emergency treatment

Avulsed tooth can be replanted easily if you receive treatment within an hour after the incident.

What To Do If Your Tooth is Broken
Broken tooth is another dental emergency that needs to be treated by an experienced dentist as early as possible. When you visit Dr. Kezian’s dental office for an emergency treatment, your dentist will first diagnose the cause of the breakage and will try to save your tooth with the best quality procedure. However, you can make your dentist’s job easier and increase the chance of saving your natural tooth if you follow the following steps:

  • Find and save all the broken pieces of the tooth
  • With warm water thoroughly rinse your mouth
  • For fast relief from pain, place an icepack on the cheek over the area where the broken tooth is located
  • Alternatively, you can take an over-the-counter pain relief drug such as Tylenol or ibuprofen to get rid of the pain
  • Visit your dentist immediately if you fracture a Los Angeles porcelain veneer
  • If you can’t seek emergency dental service for any reason, use dental cement available in drugstores to cover the broken pieces of the tooth.

After you arrive at Dr Arthur A. Kezian DDS office, the broken pieces will be re-cemented, provided the break is clean. If a cavity has weakened the structure of the tooth and/or exposed a nerve, your dentist will perform a root canal treatment to save your tooth.

What To Do When Your Tooth is Cracked or Fractured?
You may not realize that a tooth is cracked or fractured unless you visit a dentist. It is hard to detect fine fractures in a tooth that looks otherwise normal and healthy from outside. Even x-rays sometimes fail to detect the fractures. Moreover, a cracked or fractured tooth is not necessarily painful. You will experience pain when inner tissue of the tooth is damaged. Hence, if your tooth hurts you, especially when you are eating, immediately seek an appointment with one of the leading dentists in Los Angeles.

There are different ways a tooth may crack.

  • Cracked cusp or cuspal fracture – The pointed part of the chewing surface of a tooth is known as cusp. When the cusp is cracked or damaged, you will experience sharp pain while biting or chewing.
  • Cracked tooth – When a crack extends from the biting surface towards the root, and sometime even up to the root below the gum line, it damages the inner tissue of the tooth.
  • Split tooth – The tooth splits into two parts if a cracked tooth is left untreated. It is hard to save a split tooth. The tooth is usually extracted and in some cases endodontic treatment and gum surgery are needed.

Can I Prevent Tooth Crack or Fracture
Preventive measures can be taken to reduce the risk of cracks developing in a tooth.

  • Avoid chewing hard objects that may damage your teeth such as ice or popcorn kernels.
  • Wear protective gears to protect the teeth while playing contact sports
  • Wearing a mouth guard helps people who tend to grind their teeth while sleeping.

When you encounter a dental emergency, it is important not to panic. Remember that a leading Los Angeles emergency dentist has at his disposal every tool needed for treating emergency dental conditions. With appropriate dental care and by taking the right protective measures, risk of dental emergencies can be diminished. Nevertheless, if they occur, immediately seek the advice of your dentist.

Dr. Arthur Kezian and his experienced dental care team ensure that patients get immediate relief from pain and discomfort. There is provision even to treat patients beyond the office hours. For several years, people across Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are relying on Dr Arthur A. Kezian DDS for emergency dental services.

Regardless of your dental emergency contact us. We offer all types of emergency treatment in Los angeles  including dental implants, porcelain veneers, root canal treatment, bonding, crowns and cosmetic contouring

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