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By Arthur Kezian

A Dental bridge also known as a fixed partial denture is one of the most commonly used technology after dentures became obsolete in cosmetic dentistry. Fixed partial dentures fill the gap of a missing tooth with the support of an adjacent tooth. Teeth have a tendency to drift if they find a space near them, which in turn affects your bite and make way for your teeth to come out. Missing teeth affect the shape and tone of your face which in turn affect your speech and chewing. It also causes tooth decay to the adjacent teeth.  All dental bridges are fixed and cannot be removed unlike dentures which can be removed. Dr. Kezian is an expert in cosmetic dentistry and is widely experienced in fixed partial denture surgery. Dr. Kezian and his staff make sure that they are updated on the latest technology in bridging and how it can be implemented on patients.



Benefits of Fixed Partial Dentures:

  • Fixed partial dentures are natural in looks and appear like your original teeth. They usually have a good life span of 15 years if properly maintained. It keeps the other teeth from drifting over to the vacant space and restores the facial tone and shape and brings back the beautiful smile. It also improves your personality and speech problems faced due to missing teeth.
  • A dental bridge helps prevent problems like chronic temporomandibular joint disorder as well as chewing problems. Fixed partial dentures to last longer, the remaining normal teeth have to be taken care of and should be kept strong and healthy. The anchor or crown should be properly cleaned on the top and bottom. Perfect oral hygiene is to be maintained in order to keep the anchor intact.


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How Are These Fixed?

  • Traditional fixed bridges are the most commonly used bridges these days. It is made of porcelain fused with metal or ceramics known as Pontic fixed to two or three adjacent teeth which acts as the crown or anchor. In normal procedure if the crown or anchor tooth is strong, fixing of bridges becomes easy and is done after trimming away a small area of the anchor making way to accommodate the new anchor over them. The dentist then administers the dent putty to take impression of the teeth and send it to the laboratory and the custom porcelain bridge is fixed and cemented.
  • Now what happens if the crown or anchor tooth is not strong? In cosmetic dentistry there is a term called root canal. This is a common practice followed by most of the doctors all over the world when more teeth gaps are to be bridged in a row. In root canal the nerve and pulp of the anchor teeth is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned. Then a hole is drilled in the anchor tooth and steel rod is inserted and sealed to make the crown or anchor teeth strong. It’s like making a pillar in a bridge across the river. Once this process is over impressions are taken and pontic is fixed.

Dr. Kezian and his staff are making life-changing cosmetic improvements in people’s life and helping them to overcome their personality related problems and provide them the smile which they had lost.

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