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By Arthur Kezian

Dental implants can help restore your smile. If you have a missing tooth, a gap, or just poor oral cosmetics, dental implants can change that. There is no need to live in shame of your teeth; it is time to allow your teeth to shine and get the good attention that they deserve. Dr. Kezian and staff will work on your teeth so that your smile can finally be what you have desired.

What Are Dental Implants?

  • An implant, as with any implants placed in your body, enhance and fix what is wrong with you. In this case, it would fix your tooth and cause you to look and feel better.
  • The implant is like a screw and is placed into the bone of your mouth. It is made from titanium and the “crown” or implant, after several months, looks natural.



What Can They Do For Me?

  • The most obvious result of an implant is the physical appearance. After receiving the crown, your smile will be bolder and more beautiful.
  • Secondly, without a full mouth of teeth, health problems can occur – these include tooth decay, gum disease, and lockjaw disorders. When a crown is placed inside of your mouth, it is less likely to have occurrences of these problems.

A dental implant dentist is somebody who specializes in crowns and implants; Dr. Kezian is one of these doctors. It is best to find a doctor who specializes in this rather than one who is focused on other forms of dental care. If the professional does not place the dental implant on right, you may need it removed and fixed later on which can cause further complications.


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Benefits of Implants:

  • If done professionally and by an expert, your mouth will look as though it has never been worked on. Your smile will be one that lights up the room. Your teeth deserve good attention and why not give them what they deserve?
  • If you get teeth added, you will not have to use dentures as much, or at all.
  • The bone tissue inside of your mouth will become stronger and you will not have as much decay or destruction within your mouth, bones, or gums.

Further Information

If you are still concerned about having this done, you may speak with Dr. Kezian and staff about any medical, financial, or emotional concerns you may have about choosing to go ahead with an implant. You can contact either him or one of his team members and they will assist you with your questions. However, remember that your smile deserves to be seen. After the procedure, your smile will be as good, if not better, than ever before. You will be glad that you got the procedure done.

If you are missing a tooth or have a gap between your teeth, you can choose to have a dental implant procedure done. A small, screw shaped crown is put within the jaw bone. This will fill in all gaps and add depth to your smile. This will not only strengthen your confidence in your smile but is good for health-related purposes. By getting this done, you are reducing your risks of gum disease, lockjaw, and teeth decay. You will also notice strength within your jawbone. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not move and will stay in place. If you have questions about the dental implants, you may contact Dr. Kezian and staff.

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