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By Arthur Kezian

A dental implant dentistry helps fix damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that function like authentic teeth do. The majority of people who have missing teeth towards the back of their mouth never bother visiting a dentist because the missing teeth don’t necessarily show when they smile. They are not aware of the long term complications that missing teeth can bring. Dr. Kezian, a skilled implant dentist in Los Angeles, is an experienced doctor in cosmetic surgery and dental implants. He and his staff keep themselves updated with the latest technology in cosmetic surgery and implement the same to patients after discussing with them.


The facts:

  • When a person loses a tooth by either natural or physical force, he/she tends to ignore it because it is not seen from the outside. The complication that arises with this is that leaving the gap between the teeth can create problems in the mouth. The other teeth around the gap may drift into that space overtime. Sometimes, indications of headaches or neck pain can be the result of your bite shifting – this is when seeing a dental implant dentist is important.
  • Missing teeth, whether in the front or the back of the mouth, may confine your ability to speak and pull your cheeks slightly inward, making you look older.
  • Leaving gaps where extractions took place can be harmful to your body and may even cause diseases in your mouth, especially if the opening does not heal properly.
  • An experienced implant dentist like Dr. Kezian can perform a dental implant surgery with local anesthesia and help you close that gap.

The benefits:

  • Traditional bridges and dentures cover only the visible part of the teeth and do not provide any support structure. In the case of dental implants, they provide support and stability.
  • Dental implants enhance your looks and bring back that long lost smile which will inevitably raise your confidence.
  • Even though conventional bridges and dentures give you some relief from pain and tooth wear during dental drift, they do not benefit the jaw bone.
  • Dental implant surgery integrates to the bone and acts like the original tooth; this makes your bone tissue healthy and stops decay from occurring.

Dr. Kezian, one of the leading surgeons in implant dentistry, has performed numerous satisfactory dental implant procedures at his office.

He is known for his precision in these surgeries and his mission is to provide the best possible dental care with the latest and most advanced technology.

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