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By Arthur Kezian

Tooth brushing requires some basics. You’d think everyone knows how to brush their teeth but wait until you read some of these dental health statistics! A whopping 90% of people don’t know how to brush their teeth, at least in a way that is beneficial to their dental health. A good number will spend up to ten minutes brushing their teeth; others will spend seconds while a majority will scrub their teeth with a vengeance.

While it is important to keep your teeth clean at all times, it is also important to know proper brushing techniques. You should note that exerting excessive force on them can cause serious problems. The first problem that arises is the eating away of the enamel by the brush. Enamel is the second hardest element after diamond but you’d be surprised that 70% of brushers exert enough pressure on their teeth to wear the enamel off.

Vigorous brushing can cause damage

?????????????The dangers that come from exerting too much pressure during tooth brushing cannot be underestimated. Dr. Arthur A. Kezian explains to every dental patient that visits his office – hard brushing causes the enamel to wear off which exposes cavities. This leads to extreme sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold temperatures (i.e. cold water, hot tea). With continuous hard brushing the roots of the teeth get exposed and result in many problems relating to both the teeth and the gum tissues.

??????????????Another result of brushing too hard is the receding of the gums. This is a rather serious condition that needs immediate attention from dental professionals, such as Dr. Kezian and his staff. Receding of the gums can lead to periodontal problems which is a dangerous disease. Once a person has periodontal disease, they become prone to being victims of diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and other heart related problems – It’s something that should be avoided at all costs!

How Should One Brush?

Dr Kezian has made it his speciality to give patients the very best dental treatment while taking the time to advise them on how to brush properly. It’s important to reduce the pressure exerted on your teeth and spend at least 40 seconds on either side of the mouth and another 40 seconds on the front portion – This totals to at least two minutes. It’s important to tilt the brush at a 45 degree angle towards the gums and brush in a circular motion. These healthy habits should sustain your teeth in a healthy state until your next visit to Dr. Kezian’s office. See you then!

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