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By Arthur Kezian

According to Dr. Kezian, toothache refers to a pain around the teeth caused by a dental condition. This pain can affect your ability of performing even the smallest of tasks. You cannot bite anything, and in some serious cases, you cannot even speak comfortably. Some pains radiate waves of pain throughout the body. The severity of pain can vary from mild to excruciating. In these cases, the working ability goes down significantly. Now you may be wondering, what may be the primary reason of this pain? Unfortunately, there is no single reason. Instead, there is a long list:


  • Many people face this type of pain because of cavities.
  • A cavity affected tooth may become sensitive to foods, liquid, extreme temperature and even air.
  • When people who are suffering from cavity related problems suck air inside their mouth, they feel an extensive pain in their infected tooth.
  • Fortunately, this problem can be diagnosed easily and cheaply with a cavity filling if caught in its earlier stages.




  • Sinusitis is just another reason of this dental pain.
  • Most patients who are suffering from this problem report a dull pain, typically localized to the upper teeth.
  • A swollen sinus cavity causes pain in the upper teeth.
  • If this sinus cavity fills with fluid or mucus, a bacterial infection starts and causes swelling.
  • Most patients suffer from this problem during tooth pain in conjunction with sore throats, fevers, allergy attacks and a runny nose.

Gum Disease:

  • Also known as periodontal disease.
  • In this disease, swelling occurs at the root of the tooth where pus pockets start forming between the gums and tooth.
  • In earlier stages, gums become sensitive, swollen and the gums bleed especially during brushing.
  • As infection increases, pus pockets become deeper and disconnect the tooth roots and gums. As a result, teeth may eventually fall out of the mouth.
  •  Most patients feel a sharp pain in the infected part of the tooth.



Tooth Fractures

  • Tooth Fractures occur because of several reasons. For example, an injury during a sports event or the chewing of ice to relax.
  • Tooth fractures can be repaired with a dental crown.

Some Other Issues

Dental pain does not always point towards an oral health problem. Instead, it may also be a signal of a more severe health problem. For example:

  • Pain around the teeth can also be a symptom of angina or heart attack. Usually patients of Angina or heart attack suffer from pain either in chest or in the arm. But some case studies have proved that this pain can be the only symptom of these diseases in some patients. However, this occurs rarely.
  • Similarly, it may also point towards an ear problem or a sinuses problem.
  • Disorder of jaw-joints can also become a reason of this pain.

This list just covers some of the most common issues of toothache. It’s important to come in for an oral health checkup, which also include dental X-Ray’s in order to get a proper diagnosis. If you are suffering from this problem, please contact Dr. Kezian as soon as possible so that he may help you prevent future problems.

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