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By Arthur Kezian

If you’re not one of Los Angeles’ expert cosmetic dentists, you’re probably not very familiar with the term “recementing dental crown”.  But if you’ve got a crown in your mouth, it’s important that you understand what it means!

Like the name suggests, recementing dental crown is a process where your porcelain dental crown is reattached to your tooth after it falls out.  It’s the quickest and easiest way to solve crown issues because your dentist can use the existing crown.

How exactly does recementing dental crown work?

First, your cosmetic dentist will clean out your tooth and your crown so that bacteria doesn’t get trapped in between them

recementing a dental crown

when the crown is reattached.  After that, he will apply new bonding adhesive to the crown and slide it back into place.  As soon as he’s done, your dental crown will look and feel as good as new.

Can a good cosmetic dentist recement every damaged crown?

Unfortunately, no.

If your dental crown is cracked or chipped, you’ll probably need to invest in a new one.  A good cosmetic dentist will need to assess your specific damage, but typically only works if the crown has fallen off whole.Los Angeles cosmetic dentist

What causes a crown to fall off?

There are lots of things — including sticky foods, excessive tooth grinding, and chewing on ice cubes.  Basically, any situation that exposes your porcelain dental crown to stress and strain can make it fall off. However, one threat that most people don’t know about lies in the bonding adhesive itself.

The cement that holds your dental crown in place doesn’t last forever.  When it starts to weaken, the chances of your dental crown sliding off get much higher.  Usually, this weakening process begins as you approach the end of the lifespan of your crown (5-15 years, or in some cases, 20-25 years).

If your dental crown is still relatively new and falling off, there may have been something wrong with the bonding adhesive when it was first applied.  Luckily, this is an easy fix with a quick recement appointment at your cosmetic dentist’s office.

Another threat that most people don’t think about?  Tooth decay.

Even though a crown covers your entire tooth up to the gum line, it’s still possible for germs to wiggle their way past the porcelain and into your tooth.  And, yes, a tooth that’s covered by a crown can still develop cavities!  This is why it’s so important to have a good brushing and flossing regimen.  Otherwise, your tooth can weaken so much that it simply can’t anchor your crown anymore.  If that happens, your crown will slide right off.

No matter the reason it fell off, recementing dental crown back needs to happen quickly.  Aside from the threat of bacteria damaging your exposed tooth, your tooth and gums can actually shift in just a couple of days.  If that happens, your existing dental crown won’t fit correctly.  And as you can imagine, if your crown won’t fit properly, it will be very difficult — if not impossible — for your cosmetic dentist to simply recement it back in place!

Plus, the longer you let your exposed tooth sit without a crown over it, the more painful it may be.  Typically, the pain is stronger in teeth that don’t have a root canal underneath them, but ANY tooth that loses its crown is susceptible to being sensitive.

What should you do now?

There are a few things you need to do right after you call a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.  First, rinse the crown off with some water and let it soak in Milton solution for fifteen minutes to sterilize it.  (If you can’t find Milton solution, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide will work, too.)  Then, rinse the crown off again, and store it in a safe place.  The best place to store it is inside a plastic bag.  Then, put the bag inside something hard (like a pill bottle, for example), so that the porcelain doesn’t chip or crack on the way to your dentist’s office.

Now that you understand everything about recementing, you don’t have to panic if your dental crown ever falls off!

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