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By Arthur Kezian

Gum disease is a form of a bacterial infection which affects the teeth, the bones in the mouth, and the gums; not only is it unsightly but it is thought to affect the heart. For quite some time, there has been a debate in the health community about the relation between diseases in the mouth and heart disease. Some heart experts believe that because of the bacteria in your mouth, you have a higher chance of having a heart attack. However, the American Heart Association has recently announced that studies disprove the theory. As the debate continues, learning to take care of your teeth may keep any possible link from developing. Do not wait until the disease has developed or the AHA has reached its decision; begin to focus on your oral health now.

Dr. Kezian can provide the means to diagnose diseases of the mouth though heart attack may not be associated with them.

AHA Report And Common Mouth Diseases:

Though the heart attack has more to do with your life style according to new AHA research, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your mouth. One of the most common oral diseases is Gingivitis. This is the erosion of the tooth due to buildup of acidic features. When the acid erodes the teeth, it can cause pain, swelling, loss of teeth functionality and difficulty chewing. As the teeth are needed for food consumption, this can end up in a horrible mess. The pain is excruciating and only by receiving the proper care and treatment will the teeth be able to be fixed.




  • The treatment will begin by getting rid of all buildup and tarter. This is done at the foundation of the tooth which is where all acidic sediments begin to build.
  • Once that is completed, you will be told of all ways to properly care for your teeth.
  • By using mouth rinses and floss, you can further your chances of not developing a re-occurring case of Gingivitis.
  • Also, Dr. Kezian and staff will fix any teeth that may have had misplaced or broken fillings.

The findings of AHA were also published by NPR. But, certain diseases can give you a higher chance of developing gum disease. The most prevalent disease that can raise your chances of developing any diseases in your gums is diabetes. Also, paying attention to your gums will slow down your risk for heart attacks, dementia, COPD, and even infertility. The reason why these statistics occur are still being studied but it is better safe than sorry when it comes to your health – your mouth is worth being paid attention to.



Bettering Your Gums:

Dr. Kezian will give you particular ways in which you can strengthen and better your gums so that the disease will not occur, or re-occur.

  • He may encourage you to take Mastic Mouthwash which goes to the root of your system, attracts white blood cells and helps fight off plaque. Your teeth will remain healthy, your gums will strengthen, and gingivitis will be completely defeated within your mouth and gums. Your mouth will smell fresh too.
  • Whether you have gingivitis or want to fight against all diseases that are found in the gums, you must make the first steps – thoroughly brush your teeth and have an annual dental appointment. Do not delay in making the appointment; your health is very important. There is a chance that heart disease is linked to the diseases that are found in the gums, and although the American Heart Association debates it, you must not take any chances. Not only is heart disease at risk but if you allow mouth diseases to continue, you will have a higher risk for COPD, dementia, and infertility.

Allow Dr. Kezian and staff to help you today and show you the best ways to combat diseases.

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