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Your Dental Health

You are a special individual. Your personality, your lifestyle, your dreams, your goals, and the way you take care of yourself – all of these things and more – are unique. Important. A source of pride and accomplishment, the good feelings you have about yourself.

You care.
We care.
We are your dentists, your hygienists, and the other highly trained members of the team dedicated to the exceptional of state-of-the-art dental health care discriminating members of modern society demand for themselves and their families.

In Tandem With Nature

We work together to achieve an ongoing life-long state of health for your precious teeth and gums. The art and science of dentistry is the creative application of natural laws and phenomena to treatment for the maintenance and restoration of balance, function, and aesthetics – when you feel good you look good and that smile?

It gets broader

As the artist or musician relies on the harmonious interaction of many integral components to complete his work, so, too, the practitioners of modern dentistry. The art and expertise – the craft – analyzing all the factors affecting a patient’s well-being, applying the latest scientific advancements to each patient’s specific needs.
You are a special individual.

Science and Art

In a field as progressive as dentistry, new developments present continuing challenges. Revolutions in techniques and materials are commonplace, and our team regularly devotes hours and days making sure that we are in the vanguard, providing you and your family the best and the latest that dental research has to offer, from periodontal therapy to aesthetic dentistry. How you look affects how you feel. Often, conservative treatment such as bonding, home bleaching, or re-sculpting of the enamel may produce dramatic results.

Aesthetic Dentistry… Comfort and Confidence

Experience has demonstrated that a pleasant dental visit can be a reality for even the non believer. Please do not hesitate to express your concerns. Modern dentistry offers many options (such as nitrous oxide, pre-operative sedation, stereo headphones, or hospital care) for treatment of even the most apprehensive patient. TLC for children and seniors, and a concern for your satisfaction is essential to our philosophy.

  • Most important is our belief that quality care extends well beyond the roots of your teeth, to include all of that complex and sensitive person – you.

Dental Emergencies…

… can be upsetting and uncomfortable. We are always available to accommodate our patients with immediate care for urgent needs. After hours, by phone, by pager, by referral, we are available evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Your Dental Visit …

… affords us the opportunity to introduce you to our office with the intent of establishing a long term relationship. Please accept this visit as an invitation to inquire about our policies, our staff, our procedures and our fees. After a comprehensive review of your health history and an oral examination (which will include only necessary x-rays) we will discuss your dental healthcare, alternate treatment plans and establish priority for immediate needs, followed by elective treatment. Occasionally this may include referrals to qualified specialists. With an emphasis on prevention, personal oral hygiene instructions and complimentary tooth brushes are always available.

Dental Insurance …

… is a welcome employment benefit for many of our patients and may often affect dental treatment decisions. Every insurance plan is unique and we recognize the complexities of the benefits available. Any forms or information you have will assist us in determining your coverage and minimize confusion in filing claims. Every effort will be made to provide ideal care at a reasonable cost and to assure the optimization of your insurance benefits.

A Lifetime of Dental Health

Attainment of our mutual goal is a lifelong commitment: good oral hygiene practice, periodic continuing care visits and conscientious professional treatment.

  • “Our aim must not be merely the meticulous replacement of that which is missing but also the perpetual preservation of that which remains.”

  • Our partnership establishes a successful dental team.