Los Angeles Dental Bleaching Description

By Arthur Kezian

Los Angeles Tooth Whitening

Dental bleaching is the most effective procedure for whitening your teeth. Everyone wants sparkling white teeth. However, getting the perfect dazzling smile is not easy as your experience will show you. Home tooth whitening products and grandmother’s remedies cannot give your teeth the sparkle that you get from professional dental bleaching.

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To get beautiful white teeth, visit Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS office in. For several years, people from all over Los Angeles and its neighborhood have relied on the reputed Hollywood dentist for whitening their teeth.

The following photos of our patients illustrate how cosmetic dentistry can correct common problems of spacing, crowding, shape and shade of your teeth.

Our patient above had teeth that were out of alignment and existing bridgework that fit poorly. We placed an all porcelain bridge and two porcelain veneers in about two weeks to create her perfect smile.



Improving shade and position on patient with severe Tetracycline Staining



Before Porcelain Veneers Patient had narrow,unevenly shaped front teeth.



Patient had common discoloration of the teeth



Patient had common discoloration of the teeth



After Zoom Bleaching and Four Porcelain Veneers



After Six Porcelain Veneers



After Zoom Light Bleaching



After Britesmile Bleaching

Dental bleaching is an important part of cosmetic dentistry. Here at Dr. Kezian’s office we use advanced bleaching system to make your teeth whiter. Our treatment is safe, effective and affordable. However, you should not have any unrealistic expectations. Even the latest dental bleaching system has its limitations. Your teeth cannot be made as white as a paper, but it can be made up to three shades whiter. Either your teeth will become as white as the white of your eyes or there will be no change at all following the treatment.

For How Long Will The Teeth Whitening Last?

In Los Angeles, Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS offers high quality dental bleaching. However, even a high quality cosmetic treatment is not guaranteed to last a lifetime. There are various factors that determine how long your teeth will continue to sparkle after the treatment. With the right oral care, teeth whitening treatment performed in our office can last for about 10 years. To retain the natural color of your teeth, quit smoking, limit consumption of acidic foods and foods that stain your teeth. Nevertheless, the bleaching procedure will protect your teeth from darkening for a long time.

Things to Remember

Tooth restoration performed before the dental bleaching will not become whiter following the tooth whitening treatment. Therefore, do not expect to brighten the crowns, bridges, bonding and veneers by dental bleaching.

Dental bleaching is not recommended for people allergic to the whitening agent used for dental bleaching. Your dentist may not recommended dental bleaching if you have sensitive teeth.

If you have cavities, gum infections or any other dental or oral problem, it should be first treated before undergoing teeth whitening.

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