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Friday, December 15, 2017

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Nov 04, 2015


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Sep 03, 2015


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Sep 02, 2015


Review by: Shanika Lakmali.
Sep 02, 2015

"Very nice experience"

Review by: Shanika Lakmali.
Sep 02, 2015

"Very nice experience"

Review by: Shanika Lakmali.
Sep 02, 2015

"Very nice experience"

Review by: Shanika Lakmali.
Sep 02, 2015

"Very nice experience"

Review by: Shanika Lakmali.
Sep 02, 2015

"Very nice experience"

Review by: Morgan Marshall.
Sep 01, 2015

"I enjoyed my dental experience it was quick and pain free best dentist I have been to. I liked the dental place and I will be back for all my dental needs."

Review by: Amy Jones.
Jun 18, 2015

"Very friendly staff. Good family feel and very welcoming. "

Review by: Narine Sulian.
Jun 16, 2015

"Cool office! "

Review by: Nick Weber.
Jun 16, 2015

"Dr. Kezian and his staff were great. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking care."

Review by: Gabriela Perez.
Jun 11, 2015


Jun 11, 2015

"Cool office"

Review by: EBow Magoo.
Jun 09, 2015

"The staff is always very attentive and caring "

Review by: Jovanna Radillo.
Feb 25, 2015

"Amazing, simply amazing! I have been coming to Dr K for the past 15 years and this staff has made me want to come back over and over again. I recently had a dental emergency where I needed an emergency root canal. To me, my smile is everything. You could believe my horror when I saw my front tooth go from normal one day to purple the next. I remember hiding my smile because I was so embarrassed to have anyone see it. I called Dr K and his staff got me in right away. They were so understanding and optomistic that they could help. You don\'t understand the relief when Dr K told me he could help and that although it was a more advanced case, he gave new hope that it would look normal without the need for a crown. I cried when I saw my tooth as normal as can be. All I can say to Dr K and his staff is thank you so much. I truly recommend this group of caring individuals for all of your dental needs. "

Review by: Yaser Badawwi.
Oct 16, 2014

"A healthy smile and mouth is very important. Dr. kezian and Dr. tashjian have been very helpful in educating me abut oral hygiene and helping me get the necessary treatments for a healthier and brighter smile. definitely reccomend all my friends and family to them."

Review by: Kevin Mia Humes.
Mar 20, 2014

"Dr. Kezian and Dr. Narine are amazing. Very considerate to the patients needs. I highly recommend their services for your every dental need."

Review by: Bryan Bailey.
Feb 18, 2014

"I was having extreme tooth pain, they were able to lay out a plan for me to fix all of my teeth."

Review by: Akaber Aljoudi.
Feb 07, 2014

"I am really happy with the treatments, and I absolutely recommend that for everybody"

Review by: Ali M Momen.
Feb 05, 2014

"Excellent staff. Very thorough and attentive. Very nice people! "

Review by: Mia Kitty.
Dec 26, 2013

"An incredibly positive experience! The staff is friendly, accommodating, knowledgable, and just extremely pleasant to be around. I felt so taken care of. The doctors are sheer professionals, they make it all look easy and their dental work is top notch! I can\'t raved enough about this office. Icing on the cake- best music I\'ve ever heard in a doctors office. "

Dec 19, 2013

"I would like to say it is a wonderful place and that for many reasons such as accuratity and good dealing etc."

"Good professionals, nice result! Thank you for my new smile!"

Review by: Katie Hart.
Nov 26, 2013

"Dr. K and all the staff was so helpful and made me feel so comfortable! They accommodated my work schedule so I could come in on a Saturday and then when I needed to come back in fit me in right away. Not to mention they made a difficult procured nearly pain free and made me comfortable the entire time. Can\'t say enough good things about everyone here!"

Review by: Mohammed Ali.
Nov 11, 2013

"It,s great office , painless prousiure ."

Review by: Sara Alhazmi.
Nov 11, 2013

"Great staff!"

Review by: Andrew C.
Nov 11, 2013

"Everyone was very friendly and made what I imagined would be a terrifying experience into a comfortable one. I couldn\'t have asked for a better experience."

Review by: Ben Everhart.
Nov 01, 2013

"Very friendly, caring and helpful."

Review by: Kris Hunt.
Oct 29, 2013

"As always, the entire staff has been awesome and made the procedure painless and easy. Thanks so much."

Oct 28, 2013

"Nice services as always, thanks Dr."

Review by: George Griffith Jr.
Aug 16, 2013

"I have been delighted to finally find a dental office that has put me completely at ease. Dr. Kezian and his staff excel at both the medical and more importantly in my case, the personal side of patient care. "

Review by: Abdullah Al-Battal.
Jun 07, 2013

"Very helpfull staff and a great dental service overall."

Review by: Nina Spensley.
Apr 12, 2013

"Currently in the chair at Dr. Kezian\'s on Larchmont. It\'s about as joyful as going to the dentist is going to get! I\'m getting a gorgeous new crown - does that make me a queen :-)?"

Review by: Allison Jackson.
Mar 14, 2013

"I am a very fearful patient - the doctor and staff are very attentive and respectful and do everything to make me comfortable."

Review by: Neisha Thompson.
Feb 22, 2013

"OMG!!! Where do I start...? First off, I got straight off the plane on my phone googled dentist in LA & Dr Kezian was the first dentist. I called they immediately got me in. I had an emergency root canal my first root canal. I felt NO pain... Dr Kezian was so nice so professional. He even switched his schedule around to take care of me immediately. I love this dentist!! & the staff. Everyone was so friendly & welcoming. I recommend Dr Kezian & I wish he was in Dallas:( happy to say I\'m completely out of pain & my teeth are pearly white thanks to the cleaning I got also. Dr Kezian you & your girls are the best!!! Thanks a MILLION;-)"

Review by: Aldrich Chan.
Feb 15, 2013

"My experience at Dr. Kezians office has left a lasting impression. One of the major benefits I noticed was their technologically congruent set up topped by their willingness to show you exactly what they\'re doing and why. All the visual information they have is shared with you - fascinating! Dr. Kezian and his staff were also very warm, providing a comfortable climate and making it easy to ask questions. I only encountered one relatively minor issue: Though it\'s clear they know what they\'re doing and can be thoroughly trusted for getting the job done well; I think they could have been more sensitive when cleaning. When I think about my overall experience, three words come to mind: trust, warmth and efficiency. "

Review by: Virchus Ferguson.
Feb 15, 2013

"Dr. Kezian is great dentist and very gental. Flexible appointment times."

Review by: Savanah Walseth.
Feb 12, 2013

"This dentist was great. I came in with a very painful toothache and they took care of it ASAP and worked with me every step of the way. Thanks!"

Review by: Ed Duffy.
Jan 23, 2013

"Have had great experiences here! Always been apprehensive of the dentist and had a lot of work to get done. My smile is vastly improved and never felt uncomfortable during visits (or judged for the state of my teeth on the first visit.)"

Review by: Guillaume Dreyer.
Jan 08, 2013

"Doctors Narine Tashjian and Arthur Kezian have done with no question a great job with my teeth. I highly recommend them to anyone who is sick of looking for the right dentist!"

Review by: M Sharon Brennan.
Dec 24, 2012

"I don\'t like going to the dentist. My mouth hurts when I make the appointment over the phone. However, Dr. Kezian\'s office makes me so comfortable so once in the chair I am fine. The staff is so helpful with all their follow-up calls to help me take care of my teeth. Everyone I refer is always very satisfied. "

Review by: Elizabeth Morales.
Dec 17, 2012

"I\'ve been to many dental offices but by far this was the most efficient and comforting. All the staff was really nice and made my experience here amazing!! "

Review by: Bette.
Dec 14, 2012

"I thought finding this would be so adruuos but it\'s a breeze!"

Review by: Megan Sanchez.
Dec 13, 2012

"Dr.k is genuinely interested in my comfort. I have terrified of dentists my entire life and feel so blessed to have found dr.kezian. He really cares about me as a person and the staff is friendly and supportive. Everything is high tech and safe. This dental clinic goes above and beyond!"

Review by: Patricia Dao.
Dec 13, 2012

"Love my dentist. They\'re so attentive and make it easy to come in for visits."

Review by: Jeff Pietz.
Dec 13, 2012

"Best care in L.A.!"

Review by: Brett Jaxel.
Dec 12, 2012

"The dentists and staff are always attentive, polite, and professional, making each visit as painless and informative as possible. "

Review by: Greg Ainsworth.
Dec 12, 2012

"Dr. Tashjian rocks. I\'ve been coming here for 6 years and it\'s a real homelike place. Quick, easy, friendly, flexible. "

Review by: Bridget Eftekhar.
Dec 12, 2012

"I would never go to a different dentist for this kind of detailed work. I am so fortunate to be their patient."

Review by: Kendra Kabasele.
Dec 11, 2012

"I know a lot of people who fear going to the dentist - never a worry at this office! Both Dr. Kezian and Dr. Tashjian make you feel at ease and are both pleasant and professional! I always feel very welcome and taken care of!"

Review by: Crist Khachikian.
Dec 11, 2012

"This place is fantastic. All the staff are great. Appointments are easy to get and the service is fast and efficient. I dont know how, but they remember everything about you so a visit to the office feels like visiting friends. I would recommend them to everyone."

Review by: Ben Everhart.
Dec 07, 2012

"A great dentist in the Larchmont Village/Hancock Park area. I really appreciate the personalized service and how much time and effort Dr. Kezian and his staff put into each procedure. Everything is explained clearly and performed extremely competently. I\'m a patient prone to get anxiety about dental work but Dr. K is highly-proficient. I know I won\'t be in the chair any longer than I need to be and the work will be done right. I appreciate that and highly-recommend any of you who live or work in Hollywood. "

Review by: Scott R. Tomasso.
Dec 05, 2012

"Great people, great service, great experience."

Review by: Gerg Namretla.
Nov 14, 2012

"Great family dentist"

Review by: Stephanie Voss.
Nov 14, 2012

"My friends know how picky I am, so when I recommend a dentist, they listen. Dr. Tashjian is my favorite. "

Review by: Marietta Wadley.
Nov 14, 2012

"Dr, Tashjian is the best!!! I had a pleasant experience. Dr. Tashjian always makes sure I\'m comfortable because my teeth are very sensitive."

Review by: Danny Singh.
Nov 13, 2012

"The staff is always extremely friendly and very caring of their patients. They never fail to answer any detail or hygiene questions I may have, big or small. Five stars!"

Review by: Athena Daytona.
Nov 13, 2012

"Great dentists! I am very fearful in the chair and they make me comfortable... No longer afraid of the freezing. "

Review by: James Campbell.
Nov 13, 2012

"Great dentists!"

Nov 12, 2012

"They are great! Everyone is always so nice and patient. I will not go to another dentist"

Review by: Rusty Buchanan.
Nov 08, 2012

"Took me in right away and made feel at home. That\'s a big deal for a dentist\'s office. I\'ve never been a fan. Now, I am and my teeth prove it. "

Review by: Sara Richelson.
Nov 08, 2012

"Probably the most pleasant experience I\'ve ever had at a dentist!"

Review by: Nicole Parham.
Nov 07, 2012

"I\'ve been coming to Dr. Kezian\'s office for years. Staff is always friendly and eager to please! Would highly recommend."

Nov 07, 2012

"I have been a patient since 1989 and I feel like family whenever I come for my dental care. Everyone at the office is friendly and more importantly truly care and work with your dental needs. I cannot see myself or the rest of my family ever seeing another dentist... They are the best!!!!!"

Nov 07, 2012

"I have had very good experiences throughout the years here. Everyone is extremely kind and courteous and Dr. K and Dr. T are very knowledgeable."

Review by: Geneviève Albert.
Nov 07, 2012

"Dr. Tashjian and her great team (especially Gaby) are very competent and very helpful. "

Review by: Grave Alice.
Nov 07, 2012

"Pleasant experience. Yes even though it is a dentist. Always been very professional and knowledgeable in the time I\'ve been coming. And didn\'t hurt."

Review by: Rick Kotowicz.
Nov 06, 2012

"The staff is always knowledgable and friendly . They have the most up to date technology and I am a fan of thru reminder system for appointments."

Review by: Josue Brenes.
Nov 06, 2012

"Been coming here for years and love the excellent service and friendly staff. Would recommend to friends and family."

Review by: Lou Gonzalez.
Nov 06, 2012

"Trusted since I moved to LA in 2007. Great with follow-ups and low pressure, conservative advice. "

Review by: Tony Benson.
Nov 06, 2012

"The doctor did a great job. My smile has been restored."

Review by: Laurie Lipton.
Nov 06, 2012

"The practice was recommended to me by a friend, and I was very glad to have taken his advice. He is now my Best Friend."

Review by: Jim Gilmour.
Nov 06, 2012

"I was visiting LA from the UK, I had an Abscess in my mouth which was causing major discomfort, one visit to the surgery was enough for my family and I to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Lovely place staff excellent, thank you Jim. "

Review by: Jordan Zevon.
Nov 05, 2012

"I had some serious work that I\'d put off for WAY too long, so I was expecting hours and hours of dental hell, but I got lucky and came across Dr. Kezian\'s office. It\'s been a blessing and I can\'t recommend him enough. A great staff as well."

Review by: Yessie Chavez.
Dec 31, 1969

"Had a great experience at Dr. Kezians office. The staff is really nice and professional. Finally can say that I love my dentist :)"

Review by: Erin Portillo.
Oct 16, 2012

"Dr. Tashjian is the best. Love her. Great with my kids and me. Great experience at the dentist."

Review by: Maribel Sandoval.
Oct 16, 2012

"Dr.Tashjian was great. The staff is always friendly and professional. I always leave feeling fresh and clean."

Review by: Vanessa Wong.
Oct 16, 2012

"My first time getting a filling was a breeze even though I was super nervous. The staff and the doctor were very friendly and made sure I was comfortable since this was my first. Ive never had work on my teeth. I also really liked that they always explained what was going on right before they do something."

Review by: Koko Manoukian.
Oct 16, 2012

"The procedure provided at Dr. Kezian\'s dental office was quick and pain free. Staff is well trained, and everyone is helpful. Fillings feel natural and color matched to teeth."

Review by: Leah Burns.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very nice staff, got me in the same day I called. They also use digital X-rays that make a super clear image. "

Review by: Joshua Hughey.
Oct 16, 2012

"Awesome office"

Oct 16, 2012

"Painless injection, awesome staff!"

Review by: Jose Ho-Guanipa.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very happy with the result. It looks great!"

Review by: Tyler Thompson.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very time effecient, and easy to fit appointments into my schedule. Thorough consultations and great attitudes."

Review by: Douglas Wood.
Oct 16, 2012

"Ive been coming here for more than ten years. They\'re great."

Review by: Clara Bartlett.
Oct 16, 2012

"Just got a wisdom tooth extraction! Totally easy, fast and pain free. "

Review by: Christine Lai.
Oct 16, 2012

"Didnt feel a thing during my extraction"

Review by: Jhojo Sarmiento.
Oct 16, 2012

"Great office very comfortable dentistry"

Review by: Scott Saccoccio.
Oct 16, 2012

"Great experience. "

Review by: Claudia Aubourg.
Oct 16, 2012

"Awesome care, I love Dr. Kezian and his staff."

Review by: Sharon Houston.
Oct 16, 2012

"Great dentist! All off my friends with amazing teeth come here. I Have recommended many people and they have been as happy with this dentist as I have. "

Review by: Josh Fallon.
Oct 16, 2012

"Everyone is friendly and helpful from the front desk to the chair! I highy recommed them to anyone looking a great dentist! "

Review by: Frederick Helm.
Oct 16, 2012

"Everyone in the office is so professional and pleasant. They have the latest euiptment. Very high tech. I almost didn\'t mind going to the dentist."

Oct 16, 2012

"The staff and doctors were very nice and helpful. I came in not knowing any of them and they made me feel comfortable and at home. I would recommend everybody i know to this office."

Review by: Lily Gevorkian.
Oct 16, 2012

"I have to admit that I was pretty scared but before I knew it they were done and I was pain free and happy. The doctor was really good at giving pain free and easy injections and had a light hand. Really happy I came here and would recommend Dr K to everyone! Really great experience! =)"

Oct 16, 2012

"I don\'t know anyone who likes the dentist, but I have had such an amazing experience with Dr. Kezian and his staff. I had to come in last week when a temporary crown was causing me much pain and they got me immediately and my actual crown happened to arrive when I was in the chair. Everyone here is so kind and eager to help in anyway possible. I now have a new dentist that I love!"

Oct 16, 2012

"If you\'re looking for an amazing dentist in LA, Dr Kezian is the best. "

Oct 16, 2012

"The best dentist I have been to in LA hands down. I could not recommend Dr. Kezian more. Excellent dentist!"

Review by: Janine Volckmann.
Oct 16, 2012

"I just had a wisdom tooth extraction. I was so scared but dr. Kezian did an amazing job. I didn\'t feel anything. Thank u sooo much. I finally found my right dentist and know to be in good hands!"

Review by: Walter Duarte.
Oct 16, 2012

"If it wasn\'t for me getting my braces done at another office, I would never have stopped coming. I regret going to another dentist after they were Off.I\'ve never had a tooth pulled out, and have to admit that I was freaking out a lil bit. Especially a wisdom tooth. But the staff here is so awesome that I didn\'t feel a single thing. I\'m glad I decided to come, and doubt that I\'ll ever go to another dental office ever again."

Review by: Justin Calcote.
Oct 16, 2012

"Recently had root canal done and I must admit I was very nervous. The staff here made me feel completely comfortable and it was over before i knew it. I would reccomend this group of profeesionals to anyone."

Review by: Sarah Yewchuk.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very friendly staff and Dr. Kezian is a great dentist!"

Review by: George Randolph.
Oct 16, 2012

"Call i\'ve never had a bad experience with Dr. T she\'s absolutely the best thank you Dr."

Review by: Mike Burke.
Oct 16, 2012

"The staff is very friendly and the Doctors do excellent work. The environment is clean and all the equipment is modern. Love the digital X-rays and not to mention the assistants are cute too."

Review by: Beth Hall.
Oct 16, 2012

"This is the best dentist ever! They made my teeth perfect and the staff is awesome!,"

Review by: Lisa Schulte.
Oct 16, 2012

"These guys rock here ,they are all like artist,the Doc gets so excited when is work is perfect"

Oct 16, 2012

"I had an amazing time at your office. I would recommend my family and friends to Dr. Kezians office. The staff is really cool, can\'t wait to come back."

Review by: Yeran Karakouzian.
Oct 16, 2012

"What a beautiful day I like coming here Teeth work done"

Review by: Tony Samet.
Oct 16, 2012

"Could not be more pleased!"

Oct 16, 2012

"Nice form review"

Review by: Peter Wright.
Oct 16, 2012

"I've been a patient for 15 years - would never consider anyone else!"

Review by: Billy Calhoun.
Oct 16, 2012

"Everybody is welcoming and warm, always a great experience!"

Review by: Michael D. Schultz.
Oct 16, 2012

"Take care of our teeth , so you don't have to spend to much time yanking & fixing your fangs."

Review by: Mike Tran.
Oct 16, 2012

"I had my first implant done and Dr. Kezian helped create a crown that looks and fit great. Dr. Kezian even adjusted the post done by my orthodontist to fit better. I had a great experience and the assistants were very helpful."

Review by: Kashi Dion Lee.
Oct 16, 2012

"Positive experience with all the staff and dr kezian. They do a great job and seem to care about your needs. "

Review by: Jessica Stomps.
Oct 16, 2012

"I really enjoyed my dental experience. The whole staff answered all my questions and concerns. Very friendly staff. Dr. kezian and Dr. Tashjian eased my fears and are very efficient. Wonderful experience and will continue to be a patient! "

Review by: Kristine Koloyan.
Oct 16, 2012

"Great staff.. Would recommend to everyone ! "

Review by: Lisa Cung.
Oct 16, 2012

"It nice, clean and comfort office"

Review by: Drew Soinski.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very kind and courteous staff. "

Review by: Kim Wallace.
Oct 16, 2012

"Doctor and staff always kind and helpful. Known Dr. Kezian nearly 15 years. Takes good care. "

Review by: Shahrouz Malekpour.
Oct 16, 2012

"Very professional and friendly team."

Dear Dr. Kezian and staff,
I am writing today in order to thank you for your superior service, attentiveness, and care in treating my dental problem a few weeks back.  As you may remember, I came to your office with a problem in my cavity filling, which Dr. Kezian ultimately treated with a metal-porcelain fused crown.  While your emails around that time urged me to complete a satisfaction survey for the benefit of your patients and potential patients, I have waited until now, many weeks after my treatment, in order to write my own "satisfaction survey" because I wanted to be able to fully evaluate your services with the advantage and perspective of time.

(Read More of Comment)

I would like to highlight a few things that were particularly impressive.  First of all, and really most importantly, I would like to applaud your staff, from the lovely and kind ladies who assisted me with scheduling and follow-ups, conducted x-rays, etc., to Art, who did pretty much everything Dr. Kezian did not.  I am a very curious individual, so I always had questions about my treatment, and everyone on your staff always took the time to answer my questions carefully and accommodate any special wishes.  That ability to communicate with and inform the patient is an oft-undervalued and absent quality in most businesses today, but luckily not in yours.

I would also like to thank you for your quick response when, after my initial visit to your office and while I had a temporary crown in one of my teeth, I had a complaint about sensitivity in that tooth.  Your office was kind, attentive, and gracious enough to see me immediately, which I truly valued as the problem was easily fixed in just a few minutes with you.  That such a correction should occur without charge was clear to me, and I thank you for having the same opinion.

I would like to finish up by applauding you for NOT doing something that most all dental practices do.  It is something that truly every dental patient despises, because it at once makes the patient feel like little more than an ATM, and at the same time de-legitimizes the dentist as a medical professional.  The behavior I speak of is that intolerable pitching of unnecessary services such as teeth whitening, "deep cleaning" of the gums, etc.  When a patient comes to a dentist with a medical problem, he wants that problem solved.  That is all.  After the problem is solved, then and only then is the moment to pitch some other service that may be desirable.  Any pitching of a service that the dentist claims is necessary, but is in fact NOT necessary, is a repugnant proposition at any time whatsoever.  Everyone understands that cosmetic services are often more lucrative to the dental office than basic services, but as you have recognized, the patient's ailment should be everyone's first priority.  I, in particular, am sensitive on this topic because prior dentists have performed, and suggested performing, treatments on me which were completely unnecessary just because they wanted to make some money.

In summary, thank you.  Now many weeks after having the crown put on, I feel great and don't notice any difference from before.  I appreciate your great service as well as your lifetime guarantee on breakage of the crown.  I have already recommended your office to friends, and will continue to do so.  If you would like to put part or all of this email on your website to promote your office, please go right ahead.


This is the best Dentist office I have ever been to! My boyfriend even commented on how lucky I was to have such a great dentist and he only saw the waiting room! Dr. Kezian is extremely talented! I was SO scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled and he did it so fast with NO pain (w/out painkillers or anything). I am very impressed. The staff is so nice and they make me feel so comfortable. I have never left the dentist in such a great mood.
Thank You !!!

~ Jennifer


All I have to say is that I will never go to another dentist again. Dr. Kezian is truly a master at work. He and his staff are nice, professional and efficient.

~ Jaklin


This is the friendliest, most courteous dental office I have been to.  I really like the neighborhood atmosphere.

~ Andrew


I've had 3 appointments so far - and 2 more to come.
I'm a pretty nervous dental patient, and Dr. Kezian and his staff have been incredible in terms of their care, their professionalism, and the results of their work.

~ Aliyah


It is always a pleasure having Dr. Kezian as my primary dentist.
Happy Holidays to you and your amazing/friendly staff.

~ Darren


Thank you for your explanation of the procedures and your warm atmosphere. Despite my misgivings about the extent of the work I require, I feel that I am in good hands from beginning to end. An exceptional experience!

~ Asher


I just wanted to let you know that it was very nice meeting you all.  I really had a nice time while I was there.  Everyone was pleasant and professional and most of all…happy. 

~ J


Dr. Tashjian and Dr. Kezian are the absolute best dentists in the entire world.

~ Kevin


I was 100% impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and technology used.  I am worried to give referrals because I will never get

~ Justin


It's always such a pleasure visiting Dr. Kezian's office.  He's very conservative in preserving my natural teeth...which I love!  and his procedures/treatments are very gentle, precise, and affordable. His technology is the greatest.  He explains everything in a way that I understand, and I\'m always fully comfortable there.  One thing I really appreciate is that he is always on time & spends enough time with his patients.  He\'s very calm, happy, and confident, and he should be!  He is the best!  He really knows what he\'s doing, and he\'s really trained his staff very well.  They are all so professional and personable. I HONESTLY enjoy "going to the dentist!!"

~ Tamar


Thanks so much for always being the best and taking such good care of my teeth!

~ Christy


I don't have any horror stories from past dental visits, so I do judge on a higher level than probably most do.  That being said, my experience in Dr. Kezian's office was more than satisfactory.  The work, the service and the flex ability were more than I had expected...and they even through in a hot towel at the end for good measure.  I have already recommended his office to my co-workers. 

~ Scott


Charlie and I have been coming to Dr. Kezian\'s office for some 15+ years and will continue to come until we win the lottery and move to Tuscany (I can dream, can\'t I?)  I always feel I\'m in very capable hands when I\'m in the chair because the staff is so professional and proficient and friendly too.

~ Susan


Once again, I like to thank everyone at Dr. Kezian's office.
You've met all my highest expectations in all areas from treatment to hospitality.

~ Luz


Once again, and AS ALWAYS... I had the best experience at Dr. Kezian\'s office.  Every time I walk out of that door, I feel amazing.  It\'s such a friendly, skilled, and professional, and soothing environment.  They really keep the energy in their office so pleasant.  Everyone is very happy to be there, the staff and patients.  The doctor is always punctual, and works very efficiently.  He\'s very confident in his work, and he is also conservative ... whereas other dentists have recommended extreme procedures. 
I had a cleaning by Dr. Tashjian, and she is also amazing.  They are the best team!
Every time I leave the office, I feel so relaxed & happy.   If you have ever dreaded going to see the dentist... go to Dr. Kezian.  I assure you that in your first visit, you will know why everyone wants to spread the good word.  I wish EVERYONE knew how simple dentist visits could be!  I'm so pleased with how they care for my teeth, that want to tell the world!!!

~ Samuel


Excellent as always. Nice to see all of you again!

~ Cameron


The staff is the friendliness and the dentists very patient and compassionate...this leads to a relaxed, calm environment that helps patients cope with anxiety often developed surrounding dental work. Thank you!

~ Erica


As Always ...great job!!!

~ Jean


A wonderful and supportive team and I appreciate Dr. T's thorough, caring, and sensitive work today as usual. Thanks to the whole team for your efforts and good work.
(okay to publish on your site)

~ L


Dr. K., you are awesome!  You still have the magic touch!  Gracias!!!

~ Martha

It's always such a pleasure visiting Dr. Kezian and his sweet staff!  They are all so well as personable.  It\'s the warmest environment!  They are all so skilled, and they explain everything so clearly.  Dr. Kezian is conservative in that he likes to preserve his patients\' natural teeth...rather than rush into anything...  basically... zero pressure on the patient.  He genuinely cares about each patient.  You can tell they all love what they do...they\'re very relaxed and confident in their work.  I always receive compliments on my teeth...and I owe it all to Dr. Kezian and his staff.  They give me more reason to smile.  I wish everyone could experience a visit to his office...just to see why I feel SO happy after every treatment or check-up!  I feel more like I've just been at a spa, than at the dentist's.

~ Tamara


I literally could be the woman in the 1800 Dentist commercial; however Dr. Tashjian welcomes me back and puts me at ease no matter how long I stay away.

~ Velma


I've been with you all since the 90\'s.  I would never leave my dentist!  You\'re the best!! 

~ Rhoshan


I am very happy to have found a dentist so skilled and caring.  I have not had the best dental care over the years and my mouth shows it every time I smile.  Dr. Kezian and his staff have come up with a plan to make me mouth beautiful and I am grateful.  I am pleased with his work, his staff, his location and his prices.  I have already begun referring friends and family to practice. 

~ Kimberly


As always, Dr Tashjian & staff were more than courteous and professional. The support staff could not be more friendly and helpful- they take care of all the fee details so I don\'t have to worry about it and most importantly they have a sense of humor. Of course, the dental work is top notch so I keep coming back. Thanks!

~ Mary-Elizabeth


Dr. K and Dr. T,
Thank you for making my visit to your dental office a wonderful experience each and every time. You and the office team are the greatest! Thanks again.

~ Anna


It is ALWAYS a pleasure to visit your office and get a white smile!!!!

~ Renee


I've always hated going to a dentist\'s office...and then I found you guys.  Everyone in your office is so great about making a trip to the dentist the most positive experience one could have while getting their teeth worked on.  I recommend you to everyone I know who is in need of a dentist and I will continue to do so.

~ Andrew


Thanks for the great work Dr. T did today and on all my recent other work. She is sensitive and cares about the patients feelings, in addition to doing a great job. There is great teamwork and a warm team spirit there between all the staff. Dr. Kezian is very interested and does great work as well. That was a nice touch for Karine and Dr. K to be interested to check and see the work that was completed today.

~ Linda


The work is top notch and the wait time is minimal, as is time spent in the chair. I am so glad to have been referred here (by Adrian Gilman), as I have never been much of a fan of going to the dentist and avoid it as much as possible. However, the skill and demeanor of the staff made this most likely the best dentistry experience to date - so thank you. I wish there was more of a discount for uninsured patients, but you can\'t have it all.

~ Sara


I have returned and referred friends to my dentist. I never thought I would say this but I love my dentist. They take such great care of me there. The procedures never hurt becomes they numb you very well. The staff is AWESOME and nice and the place feels like a little house so you feel like you are getting your own personal treatment and not lost in some huge office.
I will continue to go as my next checkup is in December.
Now my teeth are perfect and cavity free.

~ Noe


I feel so blessed to have Dr. Kezian and Dr. Tashjian as my dentists.  They are the absolute best and I so value their personal service (especially in a big city like Los Angeles, they are like \"hometown\" dentists)!  Thanks so much for the excellent care and advice I get when I visit!

~ Marianne


I have enjoyed coming to the practice for my dental work for years. I love the new text reminders, and the great follow up. It could not be better for me!
Thank you!

~ Tova


As always you score a big #5 on everything above.  I can\'t say it\'s always a \"fun\" trip to see all of you but I sure do know I get the best care and loving attention possible!

~ Barbara


My friends tease me about how picky I am concerning dentists. This is by far my favorite practice. Dr. Tashjian is particularly gentle and quick and everyone there is skilled and caring. I thank the person who referred us to you every time we meet.

~ Stephanie


They make the entire experience as pleasant and painless as possible.

~ Marcia


You guys have a very good team.  Everyone I have dealt with so far has been very professional.  This is something you do not find a lot of these days.

~ Missak


I have always been terrified of dental work.. and even though a root canal is an unpleasant thing - you guys did a great job of making me feel comfortable and I didn’tt feel a thing.

~ Roberty


Thank you all so much.  I am so dental phobic as you know and you made this as easy and pleasant as possible and I do appreciate it.  My new cap feels like it was born there.
See you soon.

~ Brian


I've referred many people to the practice.  The quality of dental work performed is exceptional and your office is run like a Swiss watch.  A few less appointment reminders (voicemail, email & several text messages is a bit overkill) would be fine with me.  The appointment took a little longer than expected, but I was five minutes late because of traffic and I know you schedule things as accurately as possible.  Now if you could just get someone else to feel the pain, it would be perfect.

~ Timothy


An all around great experience.  As one who was fearful of dental work my entire life, Dr. Kezian assuaged my fears with a gentle and considerate touch.

~ Rebecca


Dr Kezian/Dr Tashjian are the best I have ever had very very professional and painless...THEY ARE GREAT!!

~ Doug


You guys are the best.  Thanks again for making my kids' recent experience so terrific.

~ Shannon


I must say that having worked for the Walt Disney Company for 16 years, we pride ourselves on maintaining Great Service.  It is not often that I see a business provide exceptional service .. but I have in every instance .. with every employee in your office.  From the moment I walked in on a Friday afternoon, as a new patient, with a broken tooth in my hand .. I have been treated so well.  It\'s also probably not often that people rave about their experience at the dentist office! :)  Thank you for the great service and the great work!  All the best! 

~ Lesley

     From my first phone call to make an appointment, to when I walk out their door, Dr. Kezian and his staff are very professional and sweet!  Every one of them!  You\'ll see what I mean when you\'re there.  Their advanced technology also amazes me.  It\'s nice to know that the finest in dentistry is working on me. 
     Dr. Kezian and his staff are so thorough, efficient,  sanitary, and organized.  He\'s great at helping me preserve my natural teeth, because he\'s conservative and NOT quick to recommend costly procedures.  He assesses my mouth completely while his hygenist/assistant takes notes.  This helps him keep an eye on all of my teeth and gums, preventing them from needing any major work in the future.  Dr. Kezian is so confident working on his patients, and he knows exactly what he\'s doing. 
     Everyone is his office is so happy to be working with him; you\'ll notice the mutual respect amongst them.  They always run on schedule...which is indicative of their professionalism.
     I highly recommend Dr. Kezian to everyone.  He provides affordable dentistry, and his office is always a pleasure to visit.  Whomever I\'ve referred to Dr. Kezian, still thanks I thank the friend who recommended Dr. Kezian to me.  He\'s truly the best, and I\'m sure all of his patients look forward to their dental appointments too.  Anyone would understand this, after the first visit.

~ Tamar


As ALWAYS... Dr. Kezian is amazing.  He did 3 fillings for me today, so quickly & precisely!  I never feel a thing.  Honestly, I LOVE GETTING MY DENTAL WORK DONE BY DR. KEZIAN!  He makes his patients so comfortable.  Thank you Dr. Kezian & thank you to his office staff.  They are all so wonderful, organized, accommodating, and sweet!!

~ Tamar


Not only is Dr. Kezian a fabulous dentist that cares but he is an honest one as well. I was amazed when Dr. Kezian was working on a filling and noticed another cavity next to that tooth and took care of it w/out charge, talk about going the extra mile. Thank you Dr. Kezian my husband and I finally feel we have someone we can trust and we actually look forward going to the Dentist.

~ Karleen


Great dental practice!
Dr. Kezian is definitely one of the best dentists. I would recommend him to anyone.
The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.
I especially would like to thank Karine for always being helpful and accommodating.

~ Peter


I thought my dental hygienist, Michael, was great.  He worked extremely hard to remove a stain from one of my teeth.  I appreciated his extra effort.

~ Sheldon


Dr. Kezian / Dr.Tashjian and the whole staff are professional, nice, and will listen to your want and needs.
They are the best I have ever worked with!!

~ Doug


Nice, fast and overly understanding as always... thanks.

~ Jennifer


You and your whole staff are amazing!  Of course I'll be back.  Recommending you to my daughter and her husband tonight.

~ Stu


Very professional and courteous! One minor issue: I drove around for 5 minutes looking for your lot before just parking on the street, based on the statement on citysearch that you have a lot:

~ Andrea


These guys make a hard thing easy!

~ Delight


You guys are amazing!  At least a half dozen people from my office are your patients!

~ Shannon


I have always been afraid to go to the dentist; this is why my teeth are not in good condition.  Dr. Kezian is so reassuring with his experience and knowledge that he has greatly release my fear of pain.  I know that he will have my teeth in the condition that they should be.

Thank you, Dr. Kezian, (He is the painless dentist)

~ Marsha


You guys are great! Thank you.

~ Rebecca


I always refer friends to Dr. Kezian...
its a pleasure to attend my appointments at your office!  Everyone is great!  The doctor\'s energy is something very special…very positive.  He is genuinely a great guy, and the absolute most skilled and knowledgeable dentist!  Thank you! 
Dr. Kezian, if you\'re reading this…PLEASE let me treat you and your beautiful wife, and sons to dinner at our restaurant in Newport Beach.  It\'s the least I can do to thank you! 
Just call me whenever you\'re ready, and I'll make the reservation!  Thank you!

~ Tamar


I've always had good experiences with dentists in the past, but this is hands down the best dental office I've ever visited.  Everyone is extremely friendly and courteous, they take every measure to ensure your comfort during procedures and they truly care that you walk out the door happy.

~ Randall


Thank you so much!  I thought I would never find a way or a doctor to do a completion of everything I needed done!  I love my teeth and feel much better about smiling!  Thank you!  I will be referring friends!

~ Nan


I like to thank you for getting me in to see the dentist and replace the crown earlier than my scheduled appointment.

~ Luz


Extremely gentle, understanding dentists with expertise.  I will come back for sure.

~ Helen


It is ALWAYS a pleasant experience to see your congenial staff…

~ Renee


I was very pleased and impressed with the professionalism of Narine Tashjian.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

~ Douglas


Thank you for fixing me up on such short notice.

~ David


Doctor Tashjian was great! Thanks.

~ Courtland


Thanks, again, for making my mouth feel (and look) as good as new!!

~ Jennifer


This is the very best dental office. Every one is very helpful. I have not started the treatment for my self yet. My wife and kid have been treated to our satisfaction. Your office should be a model how a dental office should run and in my personal opinion it should be required by the state of California.

~ Danny


You guys rock. You have improved my teeth with great professionalism and were always prompt and courteous. I sincerely appreciate your work.

~ Kent


Great Job as always!

~ Virginia


I have complete trust in Dr Kezian.

~ Lisa


The best dental office/dentist experience ever.  Awesome staff.  Dr. Tashjian is very friendly and explains everything thoroughly.  Thank you...I'll be at my next appointment.



Wearing a BRIGHT SMILE is very important to me. So, if you are one those who consider it a very valuable asset, it is best to invest in DR. KEZIAN\'S DENTAL OFFICE. I really considered it a lucky day when my online search for a highest rated and with the most positive client feedback led me to his office. They were all right. From the moment I met Dr. Kezian and his staff, I did not have a second thought, he evoked my trust immediately and Okayed all his recommendations even though his plan of treatment for me exceeded my budget. I am positive that I will get what I am paying for. Now, in all respects and aspects, I am so happy that I landed to him & his staff because they always do an impressive job, with ease and reliability, always with a follow-up, very systematic and the teamwork and commitment they display is truly amazing. There\'s no regrets. The power of your smile will be more powerful with them. I strongly believe that investing for a healthier and brighter set of teeth has a big return - it can change you, others and your future because a winning smile radiates competence, confidence, more friends, more clients, happier life, good business and success. Remember, you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile.
Without a doubt, I would refer them to my family and closest friends. And to those who have dental problems and frustrations, Dr. Kezian and Associates is "THE BEST".
Thank you very much and keep up the outstanding work!!!

~ Nancy


This is the only dental practice I\'ve ever wanted to recommend. Both dentists are skilled and patient. Dr. Tashjian in particular has a gentle touch.
Although services are expensive, it is so worth it to have such modern care in a neighborhood setting.
The staff goes out of the way to make payment, as well as the dentistry, as painless as possible.

~ Stephanie


The best way to quickly sum up the whole thing is simply that I have never in my life looked forward to see \"the dentist\"until my experience with the wonderful Dr. Kezian / family / staff + the referral to the also wonderful oral surgeon Dr. Anson
Thank-you so much!!

~ Phillip


I already made an appointment for follow up and have referred my boyfriend to Dr. Tashjian. The staff their is beyond friendly and is always accommodating. Thank you so Much!!

~ Heather


Thank you for the excellent customer service and the friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff. What a great team!!

~ Anna


Dr. Tashjian is SO good at her work - I had three fillings done today, and I never felt a thing!  Didn’t\'t even feel the Lidocaine shots.  She was fast, efficient, and thoughtful.  She showed me exactly what she was going to do, and then showed me the results of her work.  Plus, her staff is very well trained and courteous.  The whole office really makes you feel like they are happy you are their patient.  I think it\'s worth every penny. 

~ Wendy


I came in as a last minute appointment and they found a spot and patched my front tooth that day. I was then set up for a series of appointments, given the option for convenient time slots. The staff is great! I love my new veneers!

~ Kelly


The best, good like family, all nice people, not cheap (I don't have insurance boo hoo) but get what you pay for, which is some QUALITY, care, and professionalism, sometimes hard to find in Los Angeles. As long as I have a tooth left to work on in my head to work on, I'm at Dr. K's

~ Ron


Wonderful and friendly staff, great atmosphere!!

~ Christopher


Everyone in your office is friendly and caring and the dental work is first rate. Thank you.

~ Michael


I am so pleased with your office!  From scheduling to financial consultation to the actual work, I am so glad I found Dr. Kezian's.  They are super service oriented, which I love.  And I didn’t feel any pain at all today.  Also, they called to follow up after appointment.  I'm impressed.

~ Jennifer


Really excellent job, i am completely satisfied with my visit, and am impressed by the level of professionalism that I saw in their office. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

~ Steven


I am very glad and so much satisfied for your services. Your truly priorities the needs and the best for your patient. Keep up the good work and looking forward to see you on my next appointment.

~ Josefina


Always enjoy your much as possible.  Thanks a lot!

~ Lisa


Dear Dr. Kezian and staff,
I'm just writing to say how impressed I was this morning with your dental work.  I came in for what I expected to be a painful, scary process, and instead I, well it's hard to say that a root canal is enjoyable, but it was as close to it as possible.  I definitely felt reassured by your capable staff, modern equipment, and the personal care you took with me.  I never experienced an ounce of pain, even 5 hours later as I write this.
I will definitely be referring my friends.

~ David

I love the hot towel at the end.

~ Marilyn

You guys are the best!

~ Susan

Just curious what steps we are going to take in getting my smile back 100%...But overall you were the best dentist I have ever encountered..Thanks once again...

~ Lamont

Absolutely great!
As always, excellent! I\'ve referred two people to you already. Dr. Tashjian is great!

~ Rafeedah

So far I have had 2 procedures done with Dr. Kezian and both have turned out magnificent. I feel 100% again and I am looking forward to my next appointments. I feel silly have waited so long and will not let that happen again. The costs are very competitive and ultimately what made it for me was the nice setting of the office. It feels like a small home as opposed to being so clinical. Right away that puts my mind at ease.
I am so glad that he is near my house and I can just take a bike ride over there.
Thanks Dr. Kezian.

~ Noe

Dr Tashjian did a great job on my cleaning - it was fast and relatively painless. She did a PHENOMENAL job on evening out the chips in my teeth and I\'ve been hoping for years that someone could take care of those! My smile feels great - thanks Dr. Tashjian!


Thank you for all your great job and nice emvironment!!!
We feel so glad to be in your hands!!!!!!!

~ Mendez Family

I am happy with my results (thus far), and I look forward to my bright new smile! :)

~ Mario

I just had the fastest, most thorough teeth-cleaning of my life! And the dentist did the entire cleaning himself - the assistant only did the polishing. He used a cool sonic device to break up the tartar/calculus first, then he did minimal scraping/curettage to get the rest. I was done in less than 30 minutes. Try them!

~ Douglas

I have never had to wait past my appointment time & the visits are quick & painless (I was out in 20\'today).
The staff is always cheerful & friendly.
Very professional.

~ Robert

I had a very good experience with you guys. You are true professionals and I will probably come to your office in the future when my financial situation will allow me. Thank you for your help!

~ Alexander

Needless to say, I'm a big fan. Thanks for the great work.

~ J

As always, after all these years of being your patient I look forward to each of my visits. You have become part of my family/friends and I give you all the credit for my still having all my own teeth at age 80! You are the greatest!!

~ Barbara

You guys are the best!

~ Hailey

Great as always... just my jaw nerves are stubborn and have never completely numbed, but I don\'t hold it against you:) Everyone is alwasy so nice and pleasant. Thanks again!

~ Tim

Thank you for such great service!!!

~ Anthony

These guys are great. And they don\'t play that awful \"dentist office music.\" Meet your Hollywood Dentist/Cultural Concierge!

~ Delight

With every visit I have, I am continually amazed at the consistently superior level of excellence, hospitality and patient-centered care. Truly, I wish there was a \"Best of\" for dental care in Southern California--I believe this practice would win hands down. This visit I saw Dr. Tashjian for a filling, cleaning and some minor repairs to my bite--I had not one moment of discomfort and during my visit I got all of my concerns addressed. Like Dr. Kezian she is outstanding! in their field. And the para professional and support staff? Top drawer! Wishing you all a Happy New Year. With much gratitude and a beautiful smile,

~ Laura

It's always a pleasure, and I\'m always referring friends to your office.

~ Tamar

This is a great family-atmosphere office with a very professional staff. Everyone is friendly and extremely accommodating. Dr. Kezian is caring, gentle, and aware of his patients' needs and concerns. I have given several recommendations, and will continue to recommend Dr. Kezian\'s office to friends and colleagues.

~ Katherine

Thank you so much for going above and beyond today. I was most impressed with your office staff. I have a nursing business in Dallas and have forwarded on the > email. What a great way to get feedback. We will be back in on the 5th of April.

~ Jo


Keep up the good work!

~ Jean


You guys are awesome!  Artie is the best!  Your team's customer service was impressive!
It was nice to be back to your care again, after 14 years of my relocation!  It was really nice to see Dr. T this afternoon.  I will refer you to my friends and family.
Thank you very much and as always, you and Dr. T are the best!

~ Pernita


I would never dream of having another dentist.  You are the best.

~ Rasmik


I truly enjoyed my first root canal with Dr. Kezian. Even the staff did not believe that but it's true. He makes the process painless and easy to understand and his artistry is most reassuring. I look forward to my next visit. Really!

~ Greg


The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and the office is the highest tech I've ever seen.  It was an awesome experience and makes me want to go the dentist as often as possible!

~ Hellen


Thanks for everything! 

~ Stephanie


Thank you Dr Kezian for seeing me on a day\'s notice to replace a lost filling!! I couldn’t be happier!

~ Ron


Love you guys and can't believe after going to you for a billion years that I just found out that Dr. Kezian and Dr. Tashjian are MARRIED!

~ Maryanne


You Guys do great work and your staff is always kind.
I'm a total dentist baby (afraid as soon I sit in the chair) but Dr. Tashjian is awesome. It's almost over as soon as I sit down! Thank you all!!!
~ Omar


Terrific office, terrific staff. You have renewed my faith in the dental practice! I used to HATE my dentist. Now I can\'t wait to come back! Thank you!

~ Phillip


I absolutely love coming to your office!! The staff is always so friendly! God bless you all!

~ Kevin


Since I quickly and easily answered all the questions as a 5, it shows that I certainly was Highly Satisfied.  And I have already referred a friend.  I appreciated the friendliness and competence of the staff & doctors.  Thank you.

~ Hendreka


You guys know I adore you!
All the best...

~ Cheryl


It was the quickest, most painless dental experience I've ever had.  Great job.

~ Wesley


I am very grateful for the outstanding dental care by Dr. Tashjian as well as her assistant, Gaby.

~ Joseph


Thank you so much.  I feel better.  It is greatly appreciated.

~ Dawn


You guys are the best.  I am lucky to have you as my dental care team.

~ Rasmik


My best visit to the dentist for serious work ever. Thank you!!!!

~ Kent


If you are searching for a skilled, friendly and no hassle dental team, look no further.

~ Eric

Thanks Dr. Tashjian for a very efficient, comfortable, and overall terrific dental experience.  Great work. 

~ Jaime


In and out in 30 minutes are you kidding?  What more could you ask for in a dentist?!

~ Delight


I have been a patient of yours for a long time. I would say I am content with your services and consistent professionalism.

~ Joseph


Very modern, friendly, and considerate environment

~ Jason


I am VERY pleased with Dr. Kezian, and his office/staff!  I have been to other dentists, and just didn't feel comfortable with them.  Dr. Kezian, on the other hand impressed me VERY much, mostly because he is HONEST, works quickly and efficiently, and really makes an effort to comfort his patients.  He obviously knows exactly what he's doing, and I think he may be the best in his field.  I truly believe that.  He uses the most modern and amazing technology... flat screen monitors display close up pictures of your teeth! 
Everyone working in his office is very knowledgeable and helpful, and the office is quite comfortable. 
Anyways, I can go on & on about how pleased I am with my new dentist.  Dr. Kezian gave me two fillings today, and they really are beautiful teeth!  It was a very comfortable and quick procedure, Actually relaxing. 
I just wish I'd met Dr. Kezian sooner!  He is taking the BEST care of my teeth! 

~ Tamar


Good rates, good work, good peeps.  Nuff said.

~ Toby


I had an emotionally difficult procedure and Dr. Tashjian was very supportive, caring and understanding. I can never see myself (or family) going to another dentist or office. The staff is very friendly and caring as the doctors and they have always considered the needs of my family. Doctor Tashjian and Dr. Kezian (including all the staff) make you feel like your part of the family rather than just a patient. TWO THUMBS UP for everyone there!

~ Rosalie


I continue to be impressed with the level of excellence and customer service: courteous professionalism and genuine interest--exhibited by all members of the staff.  Additionally, the expertise in maximizing program benefits and treating each patient as an individual--developing workable payment plans is just outstanding.  Thank you!

~ Laura


I have always had excellent service from Dr Tashjian and her staff.  Keep up the good work.

~ Kimberley


Thank you so much for the outstanding service!!!!

~ Beau


Cutting edge technology!  I love it!

~ Delight


I love Dr. T.  Bunches and bunches... but wow how I hate those Novocain needles! :(
You guys are all great.  Sorry I\'m such a baby.  Thanks for putting up with me!

~ Merrilyn


You are amongst the finest dentists I have ever had the pleasure of opening my mouth to. Your facility and staff are excellent. Each of my teeth thank you!

~ Elliot


Everyone there is very caring and sensitive to the needs of the patients. The professionalism of the team is highly admired. Thank you for the wonderful service you all provide. You make it a flawless experience each time. Thank you once again.

~ Anna


Thank you to everyone who was affected by my being late for my appointment.  Your staff was kind and accommodating and I am so grateful.
The experience in your office is so warm and welcoming.
Thank you for your understanding, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

~ Kristen


All of the dental staff was courteous and friendly. I also appreciated my follow-up calls after my visits. I would definitely recommend this dentist to a friend.

~ Tannis


Thank you all very much for the great treatment and service.  If all dentist\'s practices were like yours, I wouldn’t have waited so long to come in for a visit.
I have already recommended your offices to several people and will continue to.
My teeth and I thank you.

~ Dave


I have enjoyed my experience with all of the staff very much.  I greatly appreciate the financial arrangements that were made on my behalf.

~ Helen


Kezian and crew rock! I've only had very positive experiences with every aspect of my interaction with them.

~ Farbood


This was the most warm and comfortable dental office - or doctor of any kind - that I have ever encountered. People were friendly, to me, and each other. I was greeted as I came in the door. People introduced themselves to me.
I called my friend Allen from the car to tell him how grateful I was that I asked him about a dental referral.

~ Kristen


Although I am almost 80 years old and have been your patient for about 15 years I have never needed an extraction except for my wisdom teeth when I was a teenager. Needless to say I was absolutely petrified when I learned yesterday that it was necessary to remove my molar to relieve the excruciating pain I was having. I can never thank you enough for your patience and that of your staff for being so understanding and kind to me during this procedure. As you tried to convince me I felt no pain or discomfort and I was stunned when you told me the tooth was out! And this morning as I write this I am completely pain free. I have always sung your praises but now I am truly your No. One Fan and convinced you do have magic fingers!!

~ Barbara


Simply outstanding. The staff couldn't be friendlier or more gracious.



I hate going to the dentist and you were all so kind today. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. Thanks again for great service

~ Collin


I thank you for your surprise note. I was impressed with your staff, facilities computerized screen), I thought the service was excellent and informative. The staff could check back with me to minimize the wait time. By showing me educational videos of how a root canal works. I like the idea of the survey and immediate follow up to gain valuable feedback for on-going improvements. As the treatments you indicated were quite a big job, I wanted to get opinions of friends and family members who are also in practice. I think the waiting room with a video on the common fad or best practices (how to brush, floss, facts about gum disease would be informative but also minimize the wait time) Mine wasn't bad at all, but others in the future or maybe literature that will enable patients waiting to make use of their time while they wait.
Thank you once again for the positive experience!



The technicians were friendly and considerate. I loved the digital x-ray technology -- it's much more comfortable than the standard approach. Dr. Kezian was approachable and had great chair-side manner. I highly recommend him as a dentist.



In response to your call: I\'m in very little pain and the Cerec partial crown has a good feel about it. That tooth feels very strong and well protected now. I\'m very happy.
Quotes for use on your website if you\d like: Dr. Kezian and Dr. Tashjian are extraordinarily talented at creating tooth surface where none was before. I came in with a lot of very stressful procedures needing to be done, but they took my troubles in stride and very quickly and efficiently put my mouth back in order. Dr. Kezian's interest in the very latest dental technology and his desire to explain it to me made my visit into an almost enjoyable experience (if anything about dentistry can be considered enjoyable...). Dr. Tashjian is very knowledgeable, gentile, and skilled in the art of repairing teeth. Also, the staff was all friendly and obviously passionate about their work. Finally, as a person without insurance, they gave me some deals. I didn't feel like I was overpaying. Thumbs up.



Thanks again for everything. Jim and I are again very pleased with your work.
We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. See you in January.

~ Letitia


Could not be happier. Best Dentist EVER!!!

~ Minas


Everything is great and your nurses are hot. Thanks

~ Dennis


Wow, what a great dentist!! Fantastic work and painless. The previous HMO dentist I saw (once) wanted to drill off my whole front tooth and put a crown b/c I had a cavity. I disagreed therefore looked for another dentist and found Dr Kezian who simple fixed the cavity with a perfect invisible filling. It was so quick and he was so smooth. Amazing work and very courteous office staff. I really came just to have cosmetic work done on my front tooth..... but now I will come back for other dental work as well. I have been to many dentists and this was my BEST experience. Feel free to share my story online. Happy patient. Mrs. T.

~ Ursula


You guys are the best! See you again in 6 months!!

~ Lori


In fact I have referred patients to your practice. In addition to the expert skill and demeanor of the doctors and staff, I have appreciated your flexibility in working within the parameters of my dental care insurance coverage to maximize my benefits and amending fees so that I could afford to continue being a patient, rather than switch to a provider recommended by my insurance carrier to reduce my out of pocket costs. Your accommodation has allowed me to continue with your practice and the good care of my teeth. Thank you very much.

~ Laura


A clean mouth is a happy mouth..... Thanks!

~ Michael


It's always a pleasure visiting your office. I feel as though I\'m seeing old friends as opposed to going to 'the dentist'. Thanks!

~ Jeffrey


I am glad that you got the flowers and I hope that those flowers remind each of you how grateful I am for the care and concern I received by everyone on your team.. Thank you so much for the call, the email (and general follow up) and the deep level of concern for me and my pitiful little tooth J. Further, thank you again for being sooo accommodating to my schedule (so few people/businesses still put their clients and customers first). I can’t imagine what I would have done if you hadn’t seen me on Monday. I look forward to seeing you when I return. Have a great weekend.

~ Hylan


Everyone works at being kind and friendly. It is nice to feel a sense of being known from the staff. It is my experience there and the quality of care that keeps me traveling all the way from Torrance.

~ Belinda


You guys are the best!

~ Susan


I have been to several dentists in my life, but continue to come back to Dr. Tashjian and Dr. Kezian for more than 10 years. They have given me reason to smile more often than before. I am not afraid like before with other dentists. I feel comfortable, and know I am receiving the best dental care that can be offered. I plan on relocating in the near future, but will continue my treatments and cleanings with Dr. Kezian's and staff. I will rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles visiting a place where I know I will continue to be taken care of in the highest possible manner.

~ Robin


Thank you to the Doctors and staff for their professionalism and for providing effective and courteous service every time for me and for my family.

~ Lorena


Thanks to your cosmetic dentistry professional competence and technical sophistication; I can smile again.

~ Gerald


Thank you for everything today.

~ Beau


Thanks for all the patience. I haven't been to a dentist in over 2 years because of fear and this experience was good for me! I'll be back!

~ Yvette


Dr. Kezian is amazing.

~ Cindy


Dr. Kezian and the staff are the best. Thank you

~ Naira


I have always found your practice to be well run and efficient. I find everyone courteous and knowledgeable. The dentist is sensitive and delivers treatment in a satisfactory manner. The office is cozy and comfortable. I like to listen to the music. The aquarium is soothing.

~ Joseph


I have already referred two friends. This is the best Dentist I have seen in my life! (And I am almost 50 years old.) Truly NOT painful and VERY friendly and professional.
Thanks from a total "dentalphobe".

~ Nancy


I have had work done by both Dr. K and Dr. T; they are both very skillful and considerate. I am a wimp when it comes to the dentist, and all of you put me at ease. I have recommended your practice to at least 5 of my friends all of whom are very satisfied. Thank you all for your excellent work!

~ Paul


Thanks for your kindness and consideration.

~ Tisha and Jim


Thanks so much, the crown looks great. I'd be more than happy to have you publish the pictures. Even I think the before and after is amazing. And thanks for sending them to me. It's almost art, I am really impressed. Cheers;



Thanks so much, your whole office is wonderful, and Dr. Kezian is a fantastic dentist. My new crown is amazing, and feels so much better than the filling it replaced. You really can't tell it's there it blends so well with the tooth. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks so much!


Thank you for making my experience comfortable and caring. Having had questionable and frightening experiences else where; you have restored my confidence in quality dental treatments. My Highest regards;


I have referred 2 people to your office and will continue to do so.


I appreciate the work that you do. You are the BEST!!


Thank you so much for the great work!


I love you guys - you are ALL great!


I can't give you a 100% when I walk away knowing I need five fillings around my next visit. :-( Blah!


I'm a nervous person when it comes to dentists and they made me feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Thank you.


It's always a pleasure to come to your office. Your entire staff is always so courteous and you all go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. It is much appreciated. I look forward to my next visit!!



Thanks again, Dr. Tashjian and staff. Have a nice weekend.


I will be referring Friends and Family to the practice, and plan to make Dr. Kezian my regular dentist here in California.


Dr Tashjian is the best! Keep up the good work.


Visiting your office has made going to the dentist a pleasant experience for me and my three grandchildren and son.


I'm looking forward in getting more work done with this office completely happy here thank you.


You are the best. I actually look forward to coming to see my dentist. This is no lie. How many people can say that.


I was there for an emergency visit. The care I received was prompt and efficient. An added bonus was that everyone was personable and attentive; Dr. K had a great bedside manner.


All of you are fabulous and I love the new Veneers!!


I love all of are a great staff.


My grandchildren and son, Sasha enjoys our visits to your office every time we come. You are like part of our family.

~ Renee


Dr. Kezian and his staff are the best! Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

~ Patricia


I was very happy with the staff and service that was provided for me.



So happy to have finally found a wonderful dentist!



All of you are great!



I could not be more pleased. You have definitely earned a lifetime patient in me. Thank you so much!!

~ Steve


I didn’t get to thank you before I left your office today. Today was without question the best dental office experience I have ever had. You and your staff are the most considerate and professional people I've ever met. I will be referring all of my friends and family to you!

~ Frank


Ouch- but not having to greet my public with out my dentures made up for every thing.

~ William



"I am extremely pleased with my dental relationship with Dr. Kezian's office and his staff. I have nothing but high praise for Dr. Kezian\'s professionalism and caring manner - not to mention the excellent manner in which he takes care of my teeth and the advice he has provided me over the years. I would especially like to commend Dr. Kezian for hiring such a great staff, especially Sonia. From the first day I met her, she has always presented herself in a cheerful, professional and caring way. She always makes me smile when I come into the office and I truly enjoy interacting with her."

~ Brenda


"I am truly impressed by and grateful for your collective professionalism and friendliness. I have avoided dentists (regrettably) for many years, and for what? Had I known you were out there my teeth would be in much better shape today. But you made the best of a rather sorry situation, and now at least I feel I'm on the best path I could be on for the future. Dr. Kezian, the quality of your entire office begins and ends with you. I love watching you pilot the entire enterprise with calm and caring focus. Again, I send you my many thanks."

~ Doug


"I am very nervous at the dentist, and I'd like to say that this was my best visit ever. Thank you."

~ Anne


Dr. Kezian is a wonderful dentist, and really goes out of his way to make you feel as if you are well taken care of. I am grateful for the work he does."

~ Virginia


"I love your office and I'm planning to refer all my family and friends to your office. I love the way that you and your staff treat patients, the quality off work the gentleness, also the time I didn't have to wait like the other offices. You are very organized. I'm very happy that I'm a patient of yours. THANKS!!!"

~ Palacious


"I was just simply 'blown away' how professional and courteous you and your office staff performed yesterday. Thank you so much for making my visit a pleasant and enjoyable one. I not only will recommend family members to your office but my friends as well. BRAVO to you and the office staff, especially Naira."

~ Janice


"Thank you for a pain-free root canal!"

~ Nancy


"I have had only 4 dentists in my life; and you are the best of them all (excluding my dentist of 25 years). Your professional staff is the greatest and just communicating with you via the Web is awesome. Thank you."

~ James


“I am so impressed with Dr. Kezian and the entire staff that I actually LOOK FORWARD to my dental visits! Imagine that! The level of professionalism is incredibly impressive, and everyone is so warm and informative. I will recommend anyone who walks within a 10 foot radius of me to go to Dr. Kezian!
Thank you for my gorgeous teeth!”

~ Gayle


“I really appreciate the fact that you fit me in so quickly, and that you and your staff so understanding. re: my anxiety. This was a great help to me.

~ Kim


“Dr. Kezian and his staff are fantastic- I feel very welcome and well informed on my dental needs. They also have done an amazing job working with my poor health insurance plan making it easy for me to get the work done that I needed.”

~ Micaela


“Thank you so much for everything you do! Everyone in your office is very friendly. I enjoy every visit!”

~ Beau


“I wanted to thank you very much for your suggestion to fix my chipped front tooth and do so without any charge, too. It looks good and, as you predicted, Murad is also happy! Thanks again.”

~ Euna